Faculty and Staff

Mr. Nadeem Sikandar: Principal


Mr. Sikandar started his career as an elementary classroom teacher in Massachusetts. He also served as a K12 Curriculum Specialist and Advisor to Middle/High School students for College and Career-Readiness.  Mr. Sikandar worked as a K12 principal and as a University Chaplin. He also has years of international experience in leading school systems as (SPM) Special Project Manager, mentoring and supporting school administrations, curriculum, and instructions, school HR, procurement, admissions and registration in compliance to Ministry of Education.  Mr. Sikandar has bachelors of science, Masters of Education Administration and finishing his Doctoral Degree in Education.  His educational work experience offered him the opportunity to be with diverse groups of leaders to meet a common goal of increasing student achievement and students’ physical/spiritual well-being. Mr. Sikandar stubbornly believes in his uncompromising educational philosophy: “That all students can learn, providing a positive and encouraging learning environment, competent leadership and dedicated team of educators, and a community of supportive families.
Mr. Sikandar’s leadership has distinguished recognition by the DESE “Associate Commissioner of Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Ms. Hasnaa Lahsaien- School Administrative Assistant

Ms. Hasnaa has a degree in Biotechnology. She has years of experience in office work and has worked as an accounting assistant for a credit company for many years. She is focused and determined and strives to serve the school efficiently. She has been working for Alhuda Academy for a few years and many more to come.


Mrs. Nana Abdelkader School STREAM Consultant

B.S. Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences; M.S. Immunology from Rutgers University and Montclair State University in N.J. Ms. Nana Abdelkader has worked in pharmaceutical research for over a decade prior to switching to teaching. She has taught middle school science; as well as fourth grade as a homeroom teacher. Ms. Nana has close to two decades of experience in the education field. She has attended countless training and workshop sessions on improving science education, STEM, Sheltered English Immersion and more; as well as presented about STEM to other educators at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Nana is a member of the Education Committee at St. John’s High School.


Mrs. Aquillah Shakir School-Wide Academic Advisory

Mrs. Shakir has been an integral part of Alhuda Academy. She has been amongst the founding members of Alhuda and has been serving since its’ inception. She has been teaching our elementary students and this year, her role has changed to be school wide support and advisory to new staff and leadership. Mrs. Shakir has decades of experience and extensive knowledge on curriculum and instruction with various different models of teaching and learning. Mrs. Shakir will be assisting the Alhuda during professional development and playing an important role for mentorship of staff.

Mrs. Hala Jahed Pre-K3 Pre-K4 Teacher  

Mrs. Hala has been teaching Pre-k for over a decade and has been a tremendous resource for Alhuda Academy. She has her Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in computer engineering. She has attended countless trainings and workshop sessions on improving her skills in early childhood education.


Mrs. Nadia Hmaidi Pre-Kindergarten TA

Mrs. Nadia has her training in HR dept and she has been working with Pre-K students over 6 years. She has been attending many training sessions and workshops to sharpen her skills to best serve the school’s student population. Mrs. Nadia helps throughout the school system as needed and her dynamic work ethics and support play vital roles for Alhuda Academy.

Mrs. Rouba Yaghmour Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Rouba has fifteen years of experience of teaching at Alhuda Academy. Ms. Rouba Yaghmour obtained a bachelor’s degree in childhood education and holds an O.C.C.S (Office for child care service) certification for Preschool Lead Teacher. Throughout her years of teaching experience, she has strived to learn more and has never been hesitant to seek workshops and seminars that have added great tools in her classroom. Teaching was her dream as a child and her goals are to bring a secured loving and fun teaching environment. She believes that success is to enable children to overcome challenges and build positive and responsible habits in each individual.

Ms. Zaynab Mokhtar: Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Zaynab has a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English Language and Literature and is in her second-year of teaching First Grade at Alhuda Academy. Earlier, she has worked as a Language and Soft Skills trainer at University and Berlitz Language Center, and then worked as an academic English teacher at Modern Science and Arts University.  She has also joined the Examination Center team at the British Council and worked for an international institution for Early Childhood Education.

Mrs. Badiaa Begag Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Begag has been a dedicated and skillful teacher for over 11 years. She has been teaching 2nd grade for 6 years at Alhuda Academy.  She completed her Bachelor Degree in Political Science & International Relations and has a Master’s Degree in Political Science & International Relations from Lyon, France. She is fluent in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, & Berber. Mrs. Begag has attended numerous workshops on refining teaching methodologies. Additionally, Mrs. Begag is an adult advisor for middle and high school students in the Students Together Opposing Prejudice (S.T.O.P) program in the Shrewsbury area, and has been since 2013. She is seeking to make a positive difference in students’ lives, help them with self-confidence, and teach them that tolerance and acceptance have no borders.


Ms. Finizio Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

Ms Finzio graduated from Westfield State University with a bachelors degree of Elementary Education and a concentration of Psychology. While studying Elementary Education she received her certification in Early Childhood Education by teaching Pre-K for two years. She is from the small town Sterling Massachusetts, the town where Marry had a little lamb came from! She has an obsession with Owls and own a very adorable kitten named Dusty. She is looking forward to an awesome rest of the year! 3rd grade has always been her favorite grade and she is so excited to be teaching all the wonderful topics that comes with it. He favorite food: Lobster Store: Target Drink: Ice coffee Season: Summer Color: Blue Sweet: Sour Patch Hobby:


Mrs. Rahme Awkal Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Rahme Awkal has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Westfield State University. She worked for public and private schools in the past and for many years. Ms. Rahme served as a peer counselor at Westfield State University. Throughout her teaching experience, she has attended countless PD workshops to add to her teaching methodologies.


Mrs. Asma Kayal Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Asma Kayal has her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Worcester State University. She has been working for Alhuda Academy for 2 years teaching 5th Grade, in addition to being an Alhuda alumna. She also served as a peer counselor for our school Engrade and Advance teaching methods. She has trained in the public school systems in the area prior to joining Alhuda Academy. Throughout her teaching experience, she has attended many PD workshops to add to her teaching strategies.

Mrs. Ola  Eliwa   Middle School Science Teacher

Mrs. Ola Elwi has her Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery. This is Ms. Ola’s 4th year at Alhuda Academy. During her years, she has taught elementary and middle school science. She also serves as the Smart Tuition coordinator and school FA officer. Throughouther teaching experience, she has attended many PD workshops to add to her teaching strategies. Ms. Ola has been a vital part of Alhuda Academy and is a great resource.


Muslim Babar- Middle School Math and Computer Teacher; School Wide IT Coordinator

Mr. Babar obtained his Bachelors of Science Degree at Springfield College. There, Mr. Babar cultivated a love of mathematics as a math tutor. After college he further pursued this love of mathematics which blossomed into teaching Middle and High School mathematics for many years. Mr. Babar has exceptional IT skills and one of his goals is to impart the youth of today with the necessary IT and Academic Tools/Skills to enable them to become better leaders of tomorrow.


Mrs. Mona Salem Ives   Middle School ELA and SS Teacher and Support for Islamic dept.

Education – Mrs. Ives has completed 4 years study in Islamic Studies (Usuluddin i.e. Islamic Theology), concentration in Comparative Religion. Prior to that, she attended Boston University for studying International Relations. Mrs. Ives education includes economics, accounting, business management, and marketing. She has completed additional training in Quranic recitation and continues to study with a sheikh. While she is a native English speaker, Mrs. Ives also studied classical Arabic as a part of her training. Mrs. Ives has held a number of different professional positions in both educational and non-profit sectors. Mrs. Ives is currently an Adult Education Instructor at WISE (Worcester Institute for Senior Education) and Clark University’s Diversity Certificate program, focusing on Islam and Islamophobia.


Mrs. Samar Hammad (Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran) Leading Islamic Studies Dept.Mrs. Samar Hammad has been with Alhuda Academy for 17 years. She has been teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Qura’n and holds Nurranyah Certification. She has a B. S. in Arabic Language and Literature. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching Arabic in the U.A.E. in British schools overseas. She leads Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qura’n Department at Alhuda Academy. She has compiled books for curricula accommodation. She formulates Arabic placement exams for all grade levels and she organizes Arabic plays presentations. She is looking forward to working with the students, parents, and faculty of Alhuda Academy.


Miss Linda El-Khatib   Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran Teacher.

Miss Linda has a degree in office management, but her love for Islamic studies and its related dept. lead her to a new journey of teaching and learning. She has been teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran for many years at Alhuda Academy. She also has years of experience teaching Arabic/Islamic studies at the Pre-K level. She has been constantly working to improve her skills to best lead her students.


Mrs. Hana Hussin Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran teacher.  

Mrs. Hussin has many years of teaching experience Islamic Studies and Arabic language.  She has Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and she is certified in Al-Qa’idah  Al- Nuranyah. She received her certificate of completion as an Arabic teacher training program from California State University, and she has taken extensive training and workshops during her teaching career. She will be teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran at Alhuda.


Mrs. Sobia Andleeb School-wide Art Teacher

Mrs. Sobia has been teaching art for over a decade with great enthusiasm, as she has been an excellent resource here at Alhuda Academy. She teaches art in Alhuda Academy and holds arts application credentials teaching kids arts in various forms. She holds bachelors degree in science and focused her career in fine arts, computers, and interior design.


Ms. Fatima School Wide Support

Ms. Fatima is obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and has an A.S in medical office management. She holds a Certification in Nuraniyah. She has been teaching and supporting school staff in a TA role since 2008 and continue to do her diligent work.  She has been part of weekend school.