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Faculty and Staff


With a deep connection to our local community, Mrs. Waqar brings an intimate understanding of the unique needs of both our school and our students. Mrs. Waqar's impressive credentials include a master's degree in Education with a specialized focus on Leadership & Management from Fitchburg State University, along with a Master's degree in Business Administration. This academic background equips her with a holistic perspective that encompasses both educational excellence and the financial well-being of our institution. Her extensive and diverse experience within educational environments, assuming various roles and capacities, underscores her comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by Islamic schools. She is well-acquainted with the intricacies of our educational landscape, having worn multiple hats in her previous assignments. Beyond her qualifications, Mrs. Waqar exudes a genuine passion for the field of Education. Her dedication is driven by a desire to not only foster academic growth but also to contribute meaningfully to our community.

School Advisor, Curriculum Support

Mrs. Shakir has been an integral part of Alhuda Academy. She has been amongst the founding members of Alhuda and has been serving since its’ inception. Mrs. Shakir has decades of experience and extensive knowledge on curriculum and instruction with various different models of teaching and learning.


Ms. Hasnaa Lahsaien has been the School Administrator here at Alhuda Academy since 2016. She enjoys being a part of the administration team even though she has a degree in Biotechnology. She is focused and determined and strives to serve the school efficiently. She can be seen serving our parents and students and working tirelessly to keep the school running.

School Wide Support

Ms.Fatima Kouskous has been tirelessly working as schoolwide support since 2008. She has an associates in medical office management and holds a Certification in Nuraniyah. She also works at Helping Hands and organizes many programs and drives to help provide relief and support to those who are in need. Her intentions for being at Alhuda is or the sake of Allah and to preserve the Muslim identities of our children.

Pre-K Lead Teacher

Ms. Nadia has been at Alhuda for more than a decade. She leads the preschool and her energy can be felt all around the school as she trains our little minds in Quran and academics alike!
Assistants: Ms.Rehab, Ms.Sohad,Ms.Nighat, Ms.Hasna


Mrs. Nighat Alam has experience in make learning and engaging experience, Assessing students progress and participation, Encouraging students, Grading assignments, quizzesand tests, Maintain and tidy and orderly classroom, Planning and preparing lessons, Classroom management, Communicating with parents when necessary, Creating and distributing educational content, Maintaining a positive environment, Marking student work and recording over all performance in class, Providing feedback, Setting projected grades for students
Assistant: Ms. Quratul Ain

Grade 1 Homeroom

Ms.Rumana is grade 1 homeroom teacher and has two decades of experience in Early childhood education. She began her journey at Alhuda over 5 years ago and continues to serve the school with dedication and commitment. She is very sincere and meticulous in providing a nurturing learning environment for her little students

Grade 2 Homeroom

Ms.Shaima has been at Alhuda since 5 years. She has a major in Psychology and minor in sociology from Umass Boston. She believes in having a welcoming environment and making learning fun. She wants her students to be socially and emotionally healthy.

Grade 3 Homeroom

Mrs. Medeha Irshad Ubharay has her masters in Education. She has been teaching Grade 3 for the past 6 years. She has experience in Lesson Planning, Curriculum and Instruction, Problem Solving, Student Progress Reporting, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Differentiated Learning Techniques, Classroom Management.

Grade 4 Homeroom

Ms.Farah is Grade 4 homeroom teacher and has been working with Alhuda for the past 2 years. She spent two decades in the Biotech field before transitioning to teaching She first taught preschool level and is now enjoying her role. She has her Masters In Biology from Umass Boston. In her free time she likes hiking and exploring outdoors.

Grade 5 Homeroom

We are excited to have Ms.Riffat Islam as our Grade 5 homeroom this year! She has a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering. She has experience in education for over 11 years and has taught Physics for many years.

Middle School Math and IT

Ms. Mandi has a B.S. in Humanities and Arts with a Concentration in Theater from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Business Administration from Becker College. She also has her teaching license for Grades 5-12 for Mathematics. She has been working at Alhuda since 2019. She has completed her SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) requirement.

Middle School ELA and Social Studies

Ms.Kendall has 20 years of experience teaching/volunteering in Education, including: Public, Charter, Islamic, and Homeschool Settings.She has previously taught preschool, Kindergarten, 3rd-8th grades. She has her Masters in 5th-12th English/Language Arts and Primary Montessori Certification (ages 3-6). Her approach to teaching and learning is that it should be personalized, hands-on, experiential, memorable, and collaborative. She enjoys bringing enrichments into the classroom to complement the textbook. She encourages students to interact with history and language by providing ample opportunities for self-expression and collaborative team work.

She enjoys anything that allows her to be creative/engage in self-expression--writing, art, design, etc., reading, and building community with loved ones.

Middle School Science

Ms.Seher Sayed has a decade of experience teaching middle school students. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Biotechnology from Framingham State University. She instructs the middle school science and takes care of our Science Lab. She has attended STEM training to help implement STEM education at Alhuda. She collaborates with teachers schoolwide to help the students learn hands on. She believes that science is learning about the world through hands-on observation, experimentation, and discovery. She believes that every child can learn provided that they are provided with the right tools and nurturing environment. Religion and Arabic Department

Head of the Arabic & Religion Department

Mrs. Samar Hammad (Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran) Leading Arabic andIslamic Studies Dept. Mrs. Samar Hammad has been with Alhuda Academy for 21 years. She has been teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Qura’n and holds Nurranyah Certification. She has a B. S. in Arabic Language and Literature. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching and leads the Arabic Department in the U.A.E. in British schools overseas. She leads Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qura’n Department at Alhuda Academy. She has taken extensive training and workshops in Chicago and In Islamic schools in MA during her teaching career. She has compiled books for curricula accommodation. She formulates Arabic placement exams for all grade levels, and she organizes Arabic plays presentations. She is looking forward to working with the students, parents, and faculty of Alhuda Academy.

Islamic Studies

Mrs. Hussin has many years of teaching experience Islamic Studies and Arabic language. She has Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and she is certified in Al-Qa’idah Al- Nuranyah. She received her certificate of completion as an Arabic teacher training program from California State University, and she has taken extensive training and workshops during her teaching career. She will be teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran at Alhuda.

Islamic Studies

Miss Linda has a degree in office management, but her love for Islamic studies and its related dept. lead her to a new journey of teaching and learning. She has been teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran for many years at Alhuda Academy. She also has years of experience teaching Arabic/Islamic studies at the Pre-K level. She has been constantly working to improve her skills to best lead her students.

Daycare Lead Teacher

Ms. Marwa has been a toddler and Infant teacher at Alhuda's Daycare since 2010. She has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Alexanderia University in Egypt and started her professional career in Human resources administrator. Her Daycare career began 23 years ago at a Daycare in Egypt then continued at Alhuda Academy. She is certified by the American Red Cross to perform Infant and Toddler First Aid, CPR and First Aid. She is certified by the Child Advocacy Center, the Institute for Education and professional development and Compass for Kids in the areas of Mandated Reporting of child abuse, neglect and exploitation. EEC's Progress reporting and tools for promoting Mental-Social-Emotional Competence with Infant, Children and Youth.

Daycare Teacher Assistant

Ms Nadia from Eritrea, lived in Saudi Arabia, and has been a daycare teacher at Al-huda Academy since 2015.She enjoys working with kids and taking care of them.She has experience teaching kids in hifz for five years. In addition, she has received training on children emotional development, child abuse and neglect, and nutrition,She is certified Infant and Toddler First Aid, CPR and First Aid.

Daycare Teacher Assistant

Ms. Shaima Ahmed has been with the Daycare since 2021. She is from Yemen.Been a mother herself she gained a tremendous experience caring for her kids.She has an extensive experience teaching Quran and Arabic in her hometown Yemen.

Art Teacher

Mrs. Sobia has been teaching art for over a decade with great enthusiasm, as she has been an excellent resource here at Alhuda Academy. She teaches art in Alhuda Academy and holds arts application credentials teaching kids arts in various forms. She holds bachelors degree in science and focused her career in fine arts, computers, and interior design.

Gym Teacher

Coach Sufu is the PE teacher at Alhuda Academy. He specializes in martial arts and also works at martial arts & outdoor adventure program. He offers students afterschool martial arts at Alhuda.