Alhuda Academy Learning Standards are designed to produce independent learners who are encouraged to:

  • Think, question, and communicate
  • Gain and apply knowledge
  • Work and contribute in meaningful, purposeful ways.

Students think, question, and communicate to make sense or meaning of their world and experiences.

Thinking includes being able to internalize new ideas and connect them to familiar concepts and prior knowledge.

Questioning includes the framing of thoughtful questions, and the pursuit of these questions until the student fully understands.

Communicating means putting learning into the language of speech or writing, and requires reflection in such forms as examination, clarification, analysis, and synthesis.

Students gain and apply knowledge to pursue ideas and experiences, and apply this new knowledge in real life contexts. This pursuit is interactive by nature. The more collaborative and experiential it is, the more powerful the learning.

Students’ work needs to be meaningful and purposeful. The process and products of student work need to be valued contributions to the school and community, and the student. Embedded in powerful learning experiences are notions of persistence, self-discipline, hard work, effort, and pride in producing quality work.