Quran and Arabic

Arabic is honored to be the language of the Qura’n. For this reason we take pride in teaching and learning Arabic.

About Our Classes:
We have levels in the Arabic class; the first level consists of students who know the Arabic alphabet with short and long vowels.
The second level includes the students who can read words and sentences. The third level deals with the students who can read and write small essays. We have students from around the world, and we are very excited to get to know more about each child’s heritage and background. Our classroom culture is built on respect and responsibility.

Mrs Samar Hammad: She has been teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Qura’n and holds Nurranyah Certification .She have a B. S. in Arabic Language and Literature. She has over 27 years of experience in teaching Arabic in the U.A.E. and in British schools overseas. She also held the posts of lead Arabic teacher and Head of Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qura’n Department at Alhuda Academy. She has compiled books for curricula accommodation. She is in charge of the Arabic library and Arabic book fair. She has formulated Arabic placement exams for all grade levels . She also organizes Arabic nasheeds and plays presentations for students. Her goal is to teach the students the Arabic Language, Islamic values, and to help them memorize more Surahs (chapters) from the Holy Qua’n Inshaa’Allah.

Mrs Linda El-Khatib has an associate degree in secretary and office management. She worked as an Arabic teacher for pre-k 3 and pre-k 4. She was an assistant for the computer teacher for two years. She also worked as a teacher assistant for after-school Arabic classes and teacher assistant for kindergarten. She will be teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran this year Insha’Allah. She is looking forward to working with the students, parents, and faculty of Alhuda Academy.

Mrs. Hussin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language from Al-Isra’a University in Amman Jordan, and she is certified (Al-Qa’idah Al- Nooranih). She has two and half years of experience teaching Arabic and Religion at Al-Nakil Academy in Jordan. She worked as a full time Arabic and Religion teacher at Al-Hamra Academy for two years. She received her certificate of completion of online and onsite Arabic teacher training program (Startalk) from California State University, and has taken extensive training and workshops during her teaching career. She will be teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran this year inshaa’Allah. She is looking forward to working with the students, parents, and faculty of Alhuda Academy.

Ms. Nadia Hmaidi is starting her eighth year at Alhuda Academy. She is continuing her work as a Teacher Assistant in the Pre K-3 & 4 class. She has also worked as an Islamic Studies and Teacher Assistant for Kindergarten. Currently, She is teaching Arabic and assisting in teaching Islamic Studies to our Prek-3 & 4 students. She has taken many professional development workshops, classes, and seminars, in which she has earned certificates in Early Childhood education and childhood development. Prior to coming to Alhuda Academy, she worked as a Human Resources Manager. She also taught private French and English lessons abroad to preschool children for several years. She is fluent in Arabic, French, Berber, and English. Finally, Her goal is to teach, but also inspire positive Islamic values and manners in our students.

Please share with us how, together, we can make your child’s interactions with the Arabic language and Religion more meaningful. Please share your concerns about your ability to help your child or lack of it at home. We will be happy to work with your family to make your child’s experience successful.